Psychological & Emotional Impact After Weight Loss Surgery

Support Groups for Weight Loss SurgeryWeight loss surgery can have a direct and oftentimes dramatic effect on a patient’s body. The psychological effects can often outnumber the physical ones and while some are positive, others may not be. Bariatric surgery alters a patient’s relationships with other people, the way they feel about themself and changes their life completely.

Many people who suffer from obesity deal with helplessness, depression, and even social anxiety. This is why so many turn to weight loss surgery as a solution as it helps them to lose weight, regain their overall health and takes less effort than just diet & exercise (this occurs post-op, however).

Because weight loss surgery dramatically changes a life, patients may find the process disconcerting sometimes. A patient may feel not like themselves or overwhelmed by the changes that they are experiencing. It’s important to understand that these are natural reactions to a major life change such as losing a large amount of weight.

Support Groups

Some people decide to join a weight loss surgery support group where they receive encouragement from those that can relate to them. The group celebrates a member’s achievements and will remind them to continue on their new lifestyle path. They will work together to improve their health and to take control of their life in a positive way. They will also offer any advice on finding ways to cope without food.

Don’t Eat Your Problems Away

After surgery, many patients realize how much food affects them and how negatively they used food. Many found it as a comfort in the past. However once a person lives how to handle their emotions and how to cope with the dress, they won’t need to use food this way anymore. People who can’t find new coping techniques often lead to smoking, drug addiction, gambling, drinking, eating disorders, or sex addictions.

Learn to Love Your New Body

Many obese people who get thin or “thinner” compared to their old bodies find themselves feeling uncomfortable with these major changes. Many felt they were less attractive because of their weight and some continue to feel that way after surgery because of scars or loose skin. It’s important to self-love for a positive mindset. Remember that there are surgeries available to correct any loose or excess skin after one’s weight loss journey is over. Try to focus more on the fact that you’re giving your power the energy it needs and less on the physical (we know it’s hard)!

Empowering Yourself

While the psychological or emotional effects of surgery can be profound, you will notice that many positive things are happening to yourself, those around you, and ultimately, your life as a whole. Many people find they are finally able to deal with negative feels of helplessness because now they feel they can combat anything as they have begun to lose weight and work on their obesity problem.
It’s important to listen to your body in terms of eating. You will feel increased energy with less, but more nutritious food after surgery. The results of this experience are very obvious and public, which can be difficult for some patients to get used to. However, it does keep these patients accountable for their actions and leads to greater weight loss.

Change Habits

Ultimately surgery is not the cure for obesity; however, it is a way to battle a lasting problem that can shorten one’s life. Regular physical activity is the most important way to maintain weight loss in the long term.

Social Situations

Many people experience changes in their relationships with family and friends after surgery. Many people use drinking and eat as a way to socialize, which can create a major problem after surgery. However, coming up with new ways to interact with people will take the focus away from food and more on the experience itself.
Ultimately, the significant change that weight loss surgery has on patients can oftentimes be difficult. However, with the dedication needed to make this lifestyle change, most can expect a positive experience that results in better health and a long lifespan. Learning to cope with one’s changing lifestyle will help keep their mindset positive and keep them on their positive and life-changing diet and exercise regimen.