Am I a Candidate for Gastric Sleeve?

Losing weight is something that many people struggle with for years. For some, it is a matter of wanting to feel and look their most fit. For others, it is a matter of life and death.

Deciding to participate in a serious surgery such as gastric sleeve surgery can seem overwhelming. Determining whether or not you are a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery requires evaluating several different factors concerning one’s health.

An individual that qualifies for gastric sleeve surgery must be over the age of 18, unable to lose weight with any conventional methods such as diet and exercise, has a BMI(Body Mass Index) greater than 40, has a BMI that is greater than 35 accompanied by comorbidities such as high blood pressure or diabetes, be able to stick with a lifestyle change, and that does not have any medical condition that might complicate the surgery.

An individual that has a condition that is related to obesity such as high blood pressure or Type II Diabetes might also be a good candidate for gastric sleeve surgery.

See If You Qualify

Guidelines of Gastric Sleeve

Along with the standard guidelines for the surgical procedure, you will want to consider how you feel about the process. This type of surgery is not going to be a one-time fix for your weight.

You will have to be careful of what you eat going forward and you will be limited in your diet in portions and in food types. This is a large commitment that you will need to undertake in order to be successful as a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery.

You’re a good candidate if….

You will likely be a good candidate for gastric sleeve surgery if you have tried diet plans and exercise plans with little or no success. It is important to remember that you will need to implement good nutrition and some form of exercise into your life after the surgery if you want to change that is going to be ongoing and consistent.

You will find that the gastric sleeve surgery makes it impossible for you to comfortably eat a certain amount of food, giving you the chance to gain some momentum in your weight loss efforts.

Is it Right for Me?

When you are trying to decide if gastric sleeve surgery is right for you, look at your current situation at home. Are you able to implement dietary changes successfully and stay on the path that you will be set on? Answering this question and the question of whether your health is at risk if you don’t take on the gastric sleeve surgery will help you to decide if the surgery is right for your situation.

You will want to discuss the situation carefully with your doctor so that you understand fully the benefits and the risks involved in gastric sleeve surgery. It is only after this that you will be able to assess whether you are a good candidate for gastric sleeve surgery or not.

Gastric sleeve surgery can help you to reduce your weight dramatically in a short amount of time if you are prepared for the process. You will want to be sure that you are ready to take on challenges that are going to come with the surgery and that you have the support of those around you to maximize the likelihood of success. Don’t forget that you are going to be making a life change with this surgery.

Those around you will need to be prepared for this life change and help you with the process by being sensitive to your choices and supporting you through the process of changing how you interact with food and how you feel about your health.