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Being overweight is dangerous; it is one of the primary drivers of mortality. It increases the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, as well as pancreatic, liver, and thyroid cancers. Obesity increases the chance of contracting, getting hospitalized, and die from Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its variants.

Maximize Weight Loss

Bariatric procedures, such as gastric sleeve, help with long-term weight reduction as well as remission of underlying medical conditions.

Extremely Low-Risk

Today, with advancements in bariatrics and new medical devices, weight loss surgery is seen as a life-saving treatment option for many individuals.

Long-Term Sustainable

Now, many physicians are recommending their obese patients to undergo bariatric surgery, because of all the benefits it has.

Why Choose Houston Gastric Sleeve?

Houston has shaped up by changing its diet, exercise, lifestyle, and bariatric surgery; it is no longer the “America’s Fattest City!”

America needs to take its health seriously. Today 40% of the population in the United States are considered obese.

At 33%, Texas is ranked 14th in obesity rates. In fact, six metropolitan areas in Texas are among the top 100 fattest cities in the nation.

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We have gathered a list of the top weight loss surgeons in Houston, Texas; surgeons and physicians who can help you slim down and live a healthier life.

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The success and satisfaction of our patients is the cornerstone of our organization.
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Chrissy Houston TX Gastric Sleeve Patient

Never. Give. Up. On. Your. Dreams! You’re worthy of an amazing healthy life! Love yourself again or for possibly the first time in your life (like me)

Angela Houston TX Gastric Sleeve Patient

Walked into the dealership today and the salesman was like wow what are you doing did u lose some weight you look great. He just didn't know how much I needed to hear that!

Anthony Houston TX Gastric Sleeve Patient

To say I feel better is a understatement!! I have dropped from a tight 42 pant to a 34. Don’t let anyone including yourself take this gift from you ! Hands down the best gift I EVER GAVE MYSELF

Victoria Houston TX Gastric Sleeve Patient

I was sleeved in November of last year and I'm at my goal weight! Thank you for everything!!

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